Life brings us many challenges.  Because some problems are too difficult to solve alone, seeking counseling from a compassionate and experienced therapist is the choice that can help!  We all have within us the capacity for growth and change.  My counseling and psychotherapy services, offered in White Plains, NY, can assist you in discovering, unlocking, and utilizing that capacity to achieve understanding and healing.   I work with individuals, couples and families who are facing problems with:

• Anxiety 

• Career Decisions

• Codependency

• Couple Relationships

• Depression

• Family Relationships

• Friendships

• Life Transitions

• Loss and Grief
• Marriage and Remarriage
• Parenting
• Separation and Divorce
• Stress-Induced Symptoms
• Substance Abuse

I look forward to helping you feel better and cope more effectively with the challenges that life presents.

Joan Elkin Madison

"Change and healing are possible."